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If you want to move well instantly, you have to first understand your body to design a training program that fits you perfectly. Take the Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA) to help you to determine where the imbalances of your body are. These imbalances potentially contribute to your aches & pain or reduce your performance. After this session, you won’t have to go through trial and error to find out where the weaknesses of your body lies. You can then take clear steps to dramatically improve how you move.

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The MFA experience

"I take regular exercise but started to notice I was becoming increasingly stiff. I therefore decided to undertake a Pilates MFA. My low score motivated me to enrol with PBT and in particular, Jasmine Lee as my personal coach. I attend private classes whenever I can and thoroughly enjoy it. But not only is it fun and relaxing, but it's doing me so much good. I have regained lost flexibility, built strength and generally feel better about my body. PBT and in particular, Jasmine Lee are the best! I would strongly recommend Pilates and PBT for your next step to greater fitness!" - Robert White

"Mobility Fitness gives you optimum physique to enjoy the finest things in life,”

- Jerry Teo (Managing Director, PBT)